Entertainers and Vendors that will be Attending the show -- Adrian Wall

Adrian Wall

Renowned sculptor and musician from Jemez Pueblo.


Adrian Wall started playing music in his early teens. Influenced by Rock and Heavy Metal music, Adrian first love was the bass guitar. After many years of practice and playing with various groups, Adrian was introduced to Native flute music. Immediately, his first instinct was to combine what he knew about the western music theory to traditional Native American Flute.  Today, Adrian utilizes technology to combine his musical influences to perform his melodic, hauntingly beautiful arrangements.

Adrian is the recipient of two Native American Music Awards (NAMA) with the influential Native rock band Red Earth. He has also received several nominations to the NAMA’s include a best producer credit. Adrian has played across the United States and internationally. He currently has been putting in his best efforts with the Indigenous reggae/rock band Innastate and has been continuing to perform and record his solo music.

In addition to being a musician, Adrian Wall is a sculptor from Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. He received his BFA from the Institute of American Indian Arts in 2014. He has been sculpting since his late teens and has always had an affinity towards stone sculpture. While Adrian Wall’s primary medium is stone, he works with many materials, including clay, bronze, and glass. He has won several major awards in sculpture competitions across the United States and is a member of the Indigenous Sculptor’s Society, an elite group of Native American Sculptors dedicated to the advancement of stone sculpture. His work can be found in the museum collections of the Eiteljorg Museum, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Museum, and the Hauku Museum.